Smartphone Microscope

Battery-powered microscope that makes use of the smartphone camera


THE Brief

We were approached by Wellness GPS Pte Ltd, to develop a microscope that could be mounted on smartphones to look at really small things up close, with the help of the smartphone’s camera to focus.

Build Challenges

Our first few iterations was meant to test the components and the functionality of the system. This took some tweaking as we had to design and fabricate a custom circuit board in house, to fit our requirements. Among other things, dialing in the focal distance of the lens was also an issue that required experimentation, including the use of multiple 3D prints to test designs.


Mk5 v7 v5 exploded v22.png

Preparing for production

Once we were confident of the functionality and repeat-ability of our design and components, we then moved to improve the overall aesthetic design of the product with heavy input and direction, as well as feedback from the Wellness GPS team.

More subtle things like ease-of-use of the product and ease-of-assembly were identified, revised and tested again until both our team, and Wellness GPS were satisfied with the result. Once we were confident in our design, a small batch of 3D printed prototypes were prepared and delivered to Wellness GPS for testing and validation.

From Print to Product

After a brief period of testing, the Wellness GPS team felt it ready to move on to a market-ready prototype. This called for slight modifications in preparation for manufacturing which included tolerance adjustment and even the selection of a color palette. Once the final details were confirmed, we sent it to one of our partners to get the parts machined while we prepared the electronics components.

Quality Checks & Testing

Once the parts arrived from our partner, we got to work assembling and testing the prototype, affectionately named “Mk5”. This included a battery drain test to see how long it survived on the battery we selected as well a general feel on the ease-of-assembly of the product.



Once we were confident that it worked well, the much-anticipated “Mk5 Microscope” was promptly delivered to a waiting Wellness GPS team.

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