To help people develop and prototype ideas, we provide two core services:

design study.png


Prototyping is essentially the building of physical mockups to test an idea or concept. We use these mockups to find flaws and improvements before production, reducing costly production mistakes and producing an overall better product for our clients.

Design Study

Design Studies are used for exploratory stages of projects to visualise an idea or concept. Often, virtual models are created in the process. Most often the design study transitions to the prototyping stage, where physical mockups are created.



Machining Services

While these are not part of our core services, we are happy to provide a range of machining services to help your creation process. 


CNC Machining

Dimensions - 800(L) x 800(W) x 40(H) mm

Filetype - .STEP, .STP, .IGES, .DWG

Notes -

By nature, the CNC process creates slightly rounded corners. Edges will also be rough and require some sanding. 


3D Printing

Dimensions - 250(L) x 250(W) x 200(H) mm

Filetype - .STL

Notes -

Our machines use only PLA. Special requests are available. 



Laser Cutting/Engraving

Dimensions - 580(L) x 380(W) mm

File type:  .EPS, .AI (Adobe illustrator), .DWG

Allowed Materials -

Paper, Plywood, EVA Foam, Leather, Acrylic. 


These services and tools have been utilised to create many of the works in our portfolio. They are continuously upgraded for the best results to help us build great products.