Projects are the center of Ideal Factory. We don't just build things to plan. We analyse, predict issues, create solutions and craft a prototype that fills every aspect of the requirements, even the unexpected ones.

Comissioned Projects

Commissioned Projects are projects that Ideal Factory has been hired to build. Below you will find the projects taken on by Ideal Factory as well as a write up for each one that highlights the challenges, solutions and improvements that were implemented before the final handover. 

Ideal Factory Projects

Apart from our commissioned and client projects, Ideal factory also engages in our own internal projects. These projects are personally driven by the team members. These projects vary from problems with existing products and systems we want to solve, to ideas that we want to pursue on our own. 

We use these R&D projects as a way to learn new skills, apply new technology and create an ever expanding list of solutions for our clients so as to keep evolving as both individuals and as a company


We accept commissions for any form of prototyping job such as proof of concept prototypes, fabrication jobs, functional prototyping for production, etc. Please feel free to contact us if you'd like to have something built or have any queries about how we can help you with your idea