THE Brief

For this project we were approached by a company who was seeking to improve some do their process through the aid of intelligent and connected tools. The first of which was an internet connected oil barrel that could connect to and store its capacity value in a database. As it was to be used in a kitchen environment and would be dealing with hot oil. everything we built ould need to be water and heat resistant. 


Prior to approaching us, the clinet hadd already comssioned a seperate party to consturct the main structure of the caddy. We built the requested features on top of thier work

To measure the capacity of the oil barrel we decided to use weight. An industrial IP67 load cell was chosen for this purpose.

For internet connectivity, the client requested cellular connectivity be the primary means of communication. keeping his future plans in mind, we chose to use the particle system of IOT device for their reliable service and scalable nature of their hardware and software.

Relays and circuit breakers were also required to properly control the oil pump.



An LED display as used instead of a standard lcd display so that the capacity of the tank could be easily visisbile from anywhere in the kitchen


The display was also programed to display error codes, statuses and other information via color coding and flashes


Database and alerts

For this first level prototype, it was requested that weight information be stored in a google sheet and alerts be sent via email in the event of errors or pre-deterimined warning points.

Hardware Evolution

Keeping the deployment enviroment in mind and with some brainstorming from the client, the original design was streamlined from 3 ports on the outside of the box to one unified port with a water resistant connector. These changes not only simplifies the operation of the control unit but also greatly imporved the saftey but shifting all AC related cicuitry to a seperate power box, not intended to be accessed by the end users


Going forward

The caddy is currently undergoing testing at out client facility. The client has expressed interest to continue a second rounf of prototyping ith us to build on more features and algorythms on top of the existing work. They also plan to involve us in thier future operation to scale up and deploy a fleet of such caddys across various restaurants around singapore, 

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