Precision MotorizedStand

Accurate to a repeatability of  +/- 0.05mm. Built  with 3 pre-programmed  step distances,  and  a control knob for both large and fine movement.


THE Brief

As a follow up to our previous project to build a medical casing, we were requested to construct a stand for the same device. The stand should be able to move vertically in steps of 1,3 and 10mm. The request was to make the distances as accurate as possible due to the device being used for research. 

Another interesting request, was that the stand was not to look industrial or "menacing".


To allow stable high precision movement, it was decided early on to use a Linear stage as our means of vertical movement. It consists of a  Guide Rail with a moving Stage that's attached to a lead screw to allow movement along one axis with the help of a stepper motor.

These systems are commonly seen on CNC machines and precision equipment.



As we had previously designed the casing for this medical device, it was a simple matter for us to use our files to generate a Holder onto which the device would fit snugly. 



The holder is able to rotate 45 degrees side to side as well. To lock it in place, we added a small locking knob by the side so the user can adjust the specific angle to their liking.


Electronics & Controls

Anti-Vandal Illuminated buttons were used for this project to provide an easy means of selecting the step size. The small light ring on each button would light up to indicate which step size was selected. Once a step size was selected, the knob on the left could be used to make adjustments, one step at a time.

A 2.1mm power jack was also installed to allow the stand to be stored more easily as the power supply was now removable.

Testing & improvements

After a round of testing, several improvements were requested. Among these requests was to rubberize the arm rest.



After another round of testing, the stand was handed over to our eager client and is currently in use.

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