Custom Saber Stand


THE Brief

We were approached by a lightsaber collector to build a stand for his sabers for his new home. His requirements were that the display was to be able  to hold 5 lightsabers with their blade, must have a Jedi design scheme, and to incorporate some form of lighting. After discussing it with the client further, these requirements were also expanded to use RGB Lighting and a method of controlling it.



Our Artist Ryan generated several designs based on the discussion. One concept which stood out was to incorporate or emulate stone and wood as a reference to the Jedi structures in star wars lore and their peaceful nature.

The final design made use of this concept by incorporating a walnut front panel and faux stone side paneling. Frosted Acrylic and laser cut designs were used to emulate leaves and vines with green lighting.


Build Preparation

All of our projects start their build phase with a CAD model and this was no different. A model needed to be created to understand how the artwork translated to real life and to identify the areas that needed to be changed to ensure the final product wouldn't be too fragile.

Apart from identifying artwork changes, the CAD model was used to virtually assemble the stand. So as to plan out the method of joinery and electronics integration.

Vine Design Fit thicker.jpg


Despite being a large build, this project still required a high level of precision. As such, all pieces were either laser cut or CNC routed. This allowed tight and accurate fittings.

A storage compartment was added to house the electronics and make space for commonly used tools to handle the lightsabers, such as allen keys. The electronics were also made to be removable. So that, should the client desire, he could easily detach it and pass the board to us to code and add new features instead of having to transport the whole stand.


Before the Handover, we put the display through various tests to ensure the electronics could hold up to the predicted use. These tests included stress tests such as running the display at excessive brightness for weeks without rest to ensure the heat dispersion and surge protection was working correctly. Once the test had been concluded successfully. The stand was delivered to the client.

The stand was very well received by the client. He was pleased with the overall aesthetic and the various light modes that had been programmed in.  He appreciated the additional thought of incorporating a storage compartment. 

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