A*Star Affiliates

As a research organisation, A*Star often utilises custom equipment.

We work with some A*Star scientists and engineers to design & prototype some of these equipments.


Grey Group Singapore

Grey Group often combines tech with advertising and marketing. We help construct functional mockups to fine tune their ideas before implementation.


Wellness GPS

Bellesomics is a brand under Wellness GPS PTE LTD, which is an organisation that focuses on skin, both for medicinal and beauty purposes. We aid them in designing & prototyping their physical products.


Objective Experience Singapore

Objective Experience is a company that conducts visual based research, to help other companies identify issues with some of their process/ products. We help them when the research begins to require physical aspects like specialty casings.

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Alpha Biofuels

ALPHA biofuels is Biodeisel company based in Singapore. Apart from oil recycling, they also embark on research and community projects. We help them by constructing solutions  that increase their efficiency.


Local Artists

We started Ideal Factory to bring prototyping to the masses. Most who have approached us are artists looking to build theatre props, installations, and cosplay costumes. We help them.




mēkā is the leading supplier of 3D printing materials, 3D printing design services, service support and training in Singapore and Asia.



The place to go to learn woodworking and guitar making in Singapore.


Our clients and partners have allowed us to create a wide range of works.